Dr. Rahul Singhal is a renowned Interventional Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist Consultant with over 10 yrs of experience.


We provide Services related to Non Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Pacemakers, Electrophysiology (EP) & Devices, Arryhthmiacs.


We provide services related to Electrophysiology (EP) & devices like ICD ,CRT, pacemakers etc. to provide best treatment for your heart related ailments.


Frequently Asked Questions on Pacemakers, Devices, Angiographies and Angioplasties. Find correct answers to your important questions.

Dr. Rahul Singhal is renowned Consultant Electrophysiologist and Interventional Cardiologist at Heart and General Hospital, Jaipur. He has been involved in Coronary & Peripheral angiographies, Elective & Primary angioplasties, Pacemakers, Devices (ICDs; CRTs) and arrhythmias study & ablations as Independent Consultant. He has worked for 10 years in department of Cardiology at Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi.

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Our Patients

“I’m a cardiac patient and I went to Dr. Rahul Singhal to find cure my heart related problems. I got treated for my problems as well as got some good tips from him to maintain healthy lifestyle and how to take care to avoid any heart related problems in future”

Mr. Arvind

“Having been a previous cardiac patient I was referred to Dr. Rahul Singhal. Being a new patient I was impressed with his thoroughness, concern and willingness to listen. ¬†Because of his quick response, I am happy to report, ¬†I am extremely well and enjoying excellent cardiac health. Thanks Dr. Singhal, from the bottom of my heart.”

Mrs. Kalra