Get the most affordable High-Quality EPS-RFA Treatment in Jaipur from best Clinic of Jaipur

If you are experiencing any health issues related to your heart and cardiovascular system, then you should consult with the Best Cardiologist and Cardiac Electro Physiologist available near you.

One of the common causes that produce cardiac problems is the slowing of heart rate or heart rate gating unusually faster leading to blackouts or (chakkar).

Now you don’t need to bother about this problem as you can consult me. One of the best treatments to destroy the problem is EPS (Electrophysiology Study) and RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation). Heart Rate Centre is where you get the best treatment by EPS RFA in Jaipur.

EPS-RFA treatment in Jaipur | Heartratecentre

EPS is an abbreviation for the Electro Physiological Study, which is a test that deals with electrical signals of the heart. It studies how and with what speed electrical signals move through the electrical circuit in your heart.

When the current flow is normal, your heartbeat is regular and controlled. When these signals are slow to move or if there is an extra circuit in the heart, either the heartbeat becomes very slow (when speed slow) or becomes very fast(short-circuiting), both these required treatment.

So you need to find the best cardiologist like Dr. Rahul Singhal to get rid of your heart rate related problem. He is one of the best for this kind of treatment by EPS RFA in Rajasthan. He has the experience of 10 years in EPS RFA technology and through these hundreds of patients have been treated successfully by him.


RFA is an abbreviation of  Radiofrequency Ablation it is used to destroy that extra circuit which causes rapid heart rate with an almost 95% success rate. This is rare expertise only a few doctors available for this treatment.

Here presently working at fortis escorts heart hospital Jaipur at the additional director in cardiology, here you can get the best EP treatment and services. The whole process of EPS and RFA takes approx. One to two hours. And require a maximum of one to two days to stay in hospital.