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Dr rahul singhal

Dr. Rahul Singhal

MD (Internal Medical In) DNB (Cardiology) , FACC , FSCAI
Chief Cardiac Electrophysiologist & Senior Interventional Cardiologist
(Specialist in Cardic Arrhythmias & Pacing and Heart Failure)
Ex-Consultant Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi

Is renowed Consultant Electrophysiologist and Interventional Cardiologist at Heart and General Hospital, Jaipur.

He has been involved in Coronary & Peripheral angiographies, Elective & Primary angioplasties, Pacemakers, Devices (ICDs; CRTs) and ARRHYTHMIAS STUDY & ABLATIONS as Independent Consultant.

He has worked for 10 years in the Department of Cardiology at Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi.

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Dr. Rahul Singhal is a renowned Interventional Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist Consultant with over 10 yrs of experience.


We provide Services related to Non Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Pacemakers,  & Devices, Arryhthmiacs.


We provide services related to Electrophysiology (EP) & devices like ICD ,CRT, pacemakers etc. to provide best treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions on Pacemakers, Devices, Angiographies and Angioplasties. Find correct answers to your important questions.

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What about treatment and its duration?

Post pacemaker implantation, no specific treatment is required except for initial 7-10 days. Post devices, antibiotics course in early days and heart failure medications on long term basis are required.

Post angioplasties, attention should be paid to religiously follow the prescribed medications, especially blood thinning medications which need not be discontinued on its own until consultation with your doctor.

Will I need follow up care?

Yes, follow up care is essential for all patients. Typically you will see your doctor within one to two weeks after your discharge from your hospital and will continue to be seen by your doctor at regular intervals thereafter. Overall, both doctor and patient need strong bonding of love and care.

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